Our Community

Over the past six years, Summit’s flagship event series has connected and inspired thousands of thought leaders. The collaborative, supportive, and passionate individuals who attend these Summit Series events now have a permanent place to gather year round. A cultural residency program of artists, performers, scientists, activists, athletes and other change makers will continually enrich the community.


Our Ethos

After witnessing the impact of our events—new companies, funded nonprofits, wedding proposals, the establishment of a marine protected area—we began to think about the things we could do if we had a permanent home. Like the event series, Summit Powder Mountain is built around the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, art and music, and personal growth.



Summit Powder Mountain provides a home for the continued production of leading-edge dialogues and hosted discussions, world-class performances, and farm-to-table dining experiences.



Content is a central component to the Summit experience and is structured in a way that allows participants to learn with, rather than just speak to, the audience. At Summit events, talks range from intimate fireside chats to plenary speeches, and explore topics ranging from global health and citizen space travel to social justice and lucid dreaming.


World-class musicians and artists attend and perform at Summit events, including prizewinning poets, emerging singer-song writers, top DJs, and multi-platinum musicians. Summit stages host some of the most unique artist collaborations in the world.


Salon style dining is an opportunity for connection and collaboration. Acclaimed chefs prepare locally supplied, world-class cuisine for both family-style experiences and intimate curated gatherings. Emerging culinary artists from around the world routinely come to Summit Powder Mountain to produce unique dining experiences.


"There’s a spirit and understanding in this group that’s unique. You have people that are not only interested in innovation and disruptive change - they’re actually doing it."




Part of the culture at Summit Powder Mountain is the constant sense of adventure. To satisfy this need, there’s almost limitless activities to get into.